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The National Rifle Association thanks all of our treasured Ring of Freedom patriots who have supported our fight for America’s freedoms and who encourage others to contact us about ways that they, too, can help defend our country’s traditions for generations to come.

Membership Levels

Individuals, couples, families or companies that make gifts to any NRA program are eligible for membership in the NRA Ring of Freedom.

Women's Leadership Forum

The NRA Women's Leadership Forum is the only philanthropic society of its kind and the fastest-growing community in the NRA. Come be part of this vibrant, growing, influential community of women. Not only do they care deeply about the future and want to make a lasting difference, they also have a tremendous amount of fun doing it!

Heritage Society

The Ring of Freedom Heritage Society is an umbrella recognition program for all NRA supporters who choose to leave a legacy of freedom through the NRA, NRA-ILA or an NRA tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity. Gifts that qualify for membership include, but are not limited to, real estate, firearms, bequests, life insurance, charitable gift annuities and beneficiary designations.

Hunters' Leadership Forum

The NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum was created to proactively address the rapidly evolving demographic, cultural, political and technological challenges to hunting and wildlife conservation in the 21st century. It brings together dedicated hunters and leaders in the spirit of communication, cooperation and collaboration.


“I like being a part of a democracy. I like being free. I like being able to vote without threat. And I don’t want any of that compromised. And I feel the NRA and the Ring of Freedom and many of their other programs safeguard that for me now, and I want to help safeguard it for other generations.”

—Janet Nyce,  Ring of Freedom Member

“Without the right to keep and bear arms we wouldn’t have free speech, a free press, a constitutional government, our American way of life. The Second Amendment protects all our basic individual freedoms.”

—John & Kathi Schumann,  Ring of Freedom Members

“We're selling the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights can't be sold. You can't give up one to protect another, you have to have them all.”

—John A. "Andy" Anderson,  Ring of Freedom Member

“If you’re able to support a cause you believe in—whether it’s with your talent, your time or your money—you ought to do so, and you ought to be recognized.”

—Ron & Ann Schmeits,  Ring of Freedom Members

“The efforts of the NRA are critical to the future of the country.”

—James Debney,  Ring of Freedom Member

“NRA is the group that's going to protect our freedoms. Without them, we'd lose everything.”

—Larry & Brenda Potterfield,  Golden Ring of Freedom Founding Members

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We are dedicated to building relationships with patriots who are seeking to secure the future of freedom and we can't wait to speak with you.
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The NRA Ring of Freedom is dedicated to building relationships with patriots who are seeking to secure the future of freedom.