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Workplace Giving

If 100,000 NRA members set aside just 50¢ per week from their paychecks, that would add up to $2.6 million per year. If a million NRA members committed 50¢ per week, we'd have $26 million each year! In many cases, employers match these contributions, doubling or tripling their impact and reach. Specific workplace giving campaigns include:

Combined Federal Campaign 

The only authorized solicitor of employee contributions in the federal workplace. The NRA Foundation (CFC #11872) and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund (CFC #10006) are considered National Unaffiliated Organizations and can be found in that section of the CFC booklet.

State, City & Local Government Employee Campaign

Employees of these agencies may also contribute to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations at their workplace if The NRA Foundation or NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund are two such organizations that meet the agency’s eligibility criteria. Check your campaign materials or call us to see if giving to The NRA Foundation or NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund is an option for your campaign. 

Other Workplace Giving Campaigns

Many non-governmental employers offer their employees workplace giving in lieu of participating in community-based campaigns such as the United Way. Check with your personnel office to see if The NRA Foundation or the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund are eligible in your Workplace Giving Campaign.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match their employee's gifts to charitable organizations. To find out if your company offers this benefit, contact us at 888-467-2363 or [email protected].

For more information on Workplace Giving, contact us at 888-467-2363 or [email protected].

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