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Suzie Brewster has taken at least one representative of each species and subspecies of wild turkey—and she has the trophies to prove it.



Baseball players strive to “hit for the cycle,” Hockey and cricket players covet the “hat trick.” Bowlers, after their second strike, aim for the “turkey,” or third consecutive strike.

During a trip to Mexico last year, Ring of Freedom member Suzie Brewster chalked up the turkey-hunting equivalent of those feats – the World Slam – when she bagged one of the brightly colored ocellated turkeys native to that country. There are two main species and five subspecies of wild turkey. By taking the ocellated, Brewster has now bagged at least one of each.

And she has a collection of stuffed and mounted trophies to prove it – some in Washington, D.C., where she and her husband, former Congressman Bill Brewster, live while Congress is in session, and some in storage awaiting completion of the Brewster’s new home and trophy room in their home state of Oklahoma.

She still remembers her first turkey hunt: “My guide told me, “Whatever you do, don’t move.”

So, Brewster sat stock-still as the turkey made its way down a rocky hill in western Oklahoma. She watched as the turkey strutted around the hen decoy – and continued watching as it flew away. When the guide asked Brewster why she didn’t take the shot, she replied, matter of factly, “You said not to move.”

Later that day, Brewster did bag her first turkey, at Rio Grande, which is now mounted in her D.C office. Since that first turkey hunt, she’s hunted game on every continent except Antarctica, but turkey hunting will always be among her favorite sporting activities.

“ I have sworn since my first turkey hunt that anyone who takes drugs, if they’d just go on a turkey hunt, they’d never need another high,” Suzie says.

She credits her husband with introducing her to the joys of hunting, and now Brewster is intent on introducing others – particularly women – to the sport. On three separate occasions, she’s taken groups of women to hunt in Africa.

“If you get a women involved in hunting, you’re going to get her whole family,” Brewster explains. “Women are sharers. They want their friends to be involved.”

Some of the women who accompany Brewster to Africa have been hunting with her since she introduced them to the sport years ago through the NRA’s Women On Target program. It’s Brewster’s strong belief that those women will help spread the love of hunting and firearm freedoms. That, in turn, can help bring families closer together – just as it’s brought Bill and Suzie closer together over their 46 years of marriage. It’s a big part of why Brewster supports the NRA.

“Without our firearms and our Second Amendment rights, we would lose so much, including the time you can spend with your children and grandchildren. It’s amazing when you start bringing people together how much the enthusiasm for shooting sports can spread.”

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